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Platinum Glitz Effect Gel Polish

Platinum Glitz Gel Polish Collection

Dan’s Platinum Glitter Gel is a popular gel because of its beautiful colors and the effect of the glitters on it, the platinum metal effect will make your clients’ friends and partners be amazed, making your clientele grow

Create beautiful nail art with these 5 colors of Dan’s Platinum Glitz Gel

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These 5 color collections will make magic for your client’s nails. Just apply a coat of UV gel polish of any color, then add a coat of the Platinum Glitz effect polish, and watch how the magic happens

Hot Pink Platinum Glitz Gel Polish

Silver Platinum Glitz Gel Polish

Gold Platinum Glitz Gel Polish

Red Platinum Glitz Gel Polish

Rose Gold Platinum Glitz Gel Polish

Platinum Glitz
Platinum Glitz

A Sophisticated and Modern Looking Nail Effect

These Platinum Glitz Effect Gel Polish will help you create sophisticated designs that will impress your clients. Make your Instagram look professional and modern.

All Dan’s Gel Collections are Inspired by high-end fashion. Our mission is to introduce a new collection each year.

Platinum Glitz

Endless Possibilities

 Play around with colors, use different base colors, and finishes, – every design will be unique.

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