Gel Base and Top Coats

We offer a selection of Gel Base and Top Coat for Gel and Acrylic Nail Polish. We have both Gel Base Coat and Gel Top Coats, you can choose between Matte Top Coat, Glossy Top Coat, Glow in the Dark or EggShell Effects, so you can work with the material that best suits your style.


What is base coat and top coat?

The base coat is the first step of the polish and the top coat is the last. It is a transparent layer that acts as a protective barrier for the nail polish, extending its life for a longer period of time. The top coat can be gel, gloss or matte finish.

How many coats of Base Coat and Top Coat?

Once the nail is ready, apply a base coat, after applying two coats of the desired gel color, apply a top coat as the last coat of top coat finish.

PS: if it is an acrylic nail, once the nail is structured and filed, apply only one coat of top coat finish as well.

What is Base Coat Gel Polish?

The Base Coat Gel Polish is a Gel Adhesive Base layer that is used before applying the desired gel polish color so that the polish color adheres properly and stays on for more than three weeks. 

What is UV top coat?

The UV Gel Top Coat is used once the nail gel, acrylic or sculpted nails have been treated. It is applied as if it were a nail polish and left to dry for two minutes in the UV lamp.

How long to cure the top coat?

As much as gel polishes cure or "dry" in a UV lamp, you should always wait about 45 seconds between coats after curing.


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