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  • Gold Metallic Gel Paint

    Gold Metallic Gel Paint

    MSRP: $19.85
    Materials: Epoxy acrylate resin & Brightener Quick to apply with easy soak-off Single layer creates a smooth foundation Provides protection of natural nails for stronger nails As a base for soak off color gel polish Extremely long lasting  
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    MSRP: $19.85
  • Silver Metallic Gel Paint  for nails Metallic gel paint

    Silver Metallic Gel Paint

    MSRP: $19.85
    Create beautiful art on your client's nails. The designs you will create with this gel painting will make your nails shine and make them look special and trendy. We recommend that you use a 10 to 20mm liner for thin linesAvailable in different colors...
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    MSRP: $19.85
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Best Gel Paint for Nail Art

If you want to be the belle of the ball, you have to try our nail art gel and you're sure to stand out from others. Although it is a brilliant idea to make designs with art gel, the variety is very wide and you have a lot to choose from. In these circumstances, you have to be careful and choose the best for your client nails. 


Now that you have decided to give gel polish a try, let's consider the best on the market Dan's Gel Painting. Why? Just because your manicure artwork are a reflection of yourself. 

What is Gel Paint For Nails?

Gel polish, or "art gel' as it is also known, is a thicker version of gel polish, which is mostly used to create multiple nail art techniques easily in a matter of minutes, due to the easy manipulation of the product.


It is a gel paint that remains in position without drying out until it is cured, providing technicians enough time for corrections.
Contrary to classic gel nail enamel, gel paint is formulated to provide a full covering coat of color in a single coat, which makes it easier for professionals to create sophisticated designs.

Benefits of Using our Art Gel

Whether you want to create some breathtaking nail art on your client's nails or yourself, Dan's gel paint is the best in the town.  These are some of the benefits Dan's gel painting for nail art has to offer.

Easy to Apply

Dan's Gel Paint for nail art is easy to apply and convenient to soak off, saving you from a lot of hustle otherwise.

Smooth Foundation

A single layer of our gel paint can give you a smooth foundation to create striking decorative nail art.


If you are looking for a nail paint to protect your nails from external damage, Dan’s Art Gel Paint is your ultimate path towards stronger nails.

Base Formation

You can also use our gel paint as a base to apply other colors.

Long Lasting

Another feature that sets Dan’s gel painting apart from the rest is the longevity. You can wear it all day long and even more without getting it damaged. 

There is absolutely no reason to not buy Dan's gel paint, especially if you want to stun the crowd with the shine your nails would carry.


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