Nail Art Stickers

Discover our large selection of unique and popular nail stickers. On our website you will find hundreds of designs on decals of small objects and shapes for your nail manicure. 

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Best Seller Nail Stickers

Our team of experts has selected the best nail stickers from hundreds of patterns and designs. Based on our extensive research, we have narrowed down the list to the most popular stickers on the market and most purchased by our customers.

designer nail decals

Name Brand Designer

Who doesn't like to wear a brand designer? Wearing them on your nails is the bomb, your manicures will look like something out of the Paris catwalks.  

Flower Nail Stickers

Flower decals are always at the top of the list as they bring elegance and freshness to your manicure, add a crystal in the center and it will be a spectacular show.

animal print nail stickers

Animal Print Nails Decals

If you want to add personality to your nail designs, animal print stickers are for you. Elegance comes with determination and character, these stickers will give you that risky and wild look.

Butterfly Nail Stickers

A while ago butterfly decals became fashionable worldwide, do you want magic on your nails? Butterflies are here to stay, with these you can give a touch of life to your manicures.

3D Nails Stickers

When we thought that nail decals couldn't get any prettier and diverse, 3D stickers arrived to give your manicures that unique stereoscopic effect. These embossed stickers are thicker than regular stickers, nothing to envy to the 3d acrylic designs, they make your nails more elegant and glamorous.


What are Decals for Nails?

Nail stickers (also called decals) are nothing more than small patterns of various shapes and beautiful designs. These do not usually cover the entire nail, although there are some that are a bit larger in proportion for long nails, such as our Dan 's Nails stickers. They usually all have their own glue so they stick by themselves on top of the nail polish without the need for you to add any other glue. There are also some called water stickers, these as the name suggests need water to be removed and placed on the nail.

How Long do Nail Stickers Last?

Our nail stickers will last up to three weeks, but don't forget to apply them correctly, a precise application technique will make your stickers last longer.

Do Nail Decals Damage the Nail?

 Let's cut to the chase: Are nail stickers bad for nails? The answer to your question is a resounding no. Some people have a misconception about this. Some people have the wrong idea about this. Nail stickers are made of nail polish with a little bit of adhesive, in other cases they are made of a very thin layer of silicone, easy to apply and easy to remove. Your manicure will look beautiful.


An excellent way to remove nail polish stickers more efficiently is to pour acetone in a small bowl, place your fingers in the bowl and let your nails soak for 10 minutes. You can also put a cotton ball with acetone on each nail and wrap with aluminum foil for 5 min. (In case you are using regular nail polish you will only need to wipe a cotton ball with acetone over your nails removing the stickers).


Tip: You can apply a small amount of vaseline to the cuticles to protect the nails during the removal process if you wish. 

How to Apply Nail Stickers?

Are you ready to give nail stickers a try? Grab your favorite nail stickers and follow our step-by-step below. You can also follow our networks for lots of videos and manicure ideas. @dansartnails 

  • Step 1. Clean the nail surface.
  • Step 2. Apply a layer of nail polish (If it is regular polish let it dry, if it is gel polish it must be previously cured in uv/led lamp)
  • Step 3. Use tweezers to clip the desired pattern
  • Step 4. Put the pattern on the nail lightly press 10 seconds
  • Step 5. Apply top coat and cure, end. (If you are using a regular top coat you don't need a lamp to cure) .

TIP: A base coat before applying the nails stickers can help them last longer because it gives the adhesive something else to hold on to. However, most of our nail stickers include a Self-Adhesive Base Coat in their formula, so it may not be necessary.

Nail Art Design Ideas 2022

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