Rubber Base vs Builder Gel

Rubber Base vs. Builder Gel: Understanding the Difference for Stronger and Healthier Nails

A common question I get asked is what is the difference between rubber base and builder gel, although both gels have a thick consistency and are used to strengthen natural nails, they are completely different. At Dan's Nails, we'll help you understand the difference between these two types of gels so you can choose the one that best suits your particular needs.

rubber base vs builder gel

First things first.

What is a Rubber Base and what is used for?

A Rubber Base is a regular gel base with a thicker inhibition layer with greater elasticity than regular gel bases due to its elastic self-leveling formula, which allows the base to curve and self-level with the natural nail, creating a perfect apex for your nail. The rubber base is not used to extend the nail, only to strengthen and add volume to the nail, obtaining results of nail growth that you may not have had before. It has been revolutionized by the ease of use, and if you thought it was only transparent as the bases are usually here is the best, you can find it in different shades and particular effects which makes it even more fun, it has become the favorite of many at this time.

What is builder gel?

Unlike Rubber Base, builder gel has a much thicker consistency, which is ideal for strengthening and extending nails. However, it hardens rather than being flexible like Rubber Base, and the likelihood of the nail cracking or breaking is higher on impact, as it feels like a classic acrylic nail to apply it you have to first use a base coat of gel or a rubber base gel otherwise the builder gel doesn't stick well. 

Note: You need a natural gel base or one like the rubber base to apply the builder gel, unlike the rubber base that you can use as a base or as a color only applying a top coat as a finish sealer. 

Different Builder Gels?

Builder Gels are formulated in different types of densities, from liquid, medium, to hard gel, and are applied using tips or with foil forms. Here are the most common types of builder gels:


This gel is used to extend natural nails, it is applied with a specially designed firm gel brush with wide, thick synthetic bristles, ideal for applying dense builder gels. This product is perfect for the manicurist who has experience with gels and product control or who finds it difficult to work with acrylics as well as for the client who prefers gel to the smell of monomer.

Creamy - Medium Viscosity

Creamy builder gels are a subtype of builder gels known for their cream-like consistency. This consistency is smoother and often easier to control and apply, making it suitable for both professionals and beginners.


The Liquid Builder Gel is used to extend natural nails to a medium length or whether you want to repair a broken nail, provides strength and thickness to the natural nail, is ideal for weak and brittle nails, it is denser than the rubber base and less dense than the builder gel hard builder. Like it, you must use a base coat before applying it. It allows you to do lengthening and leveling very quickly and easily since it comes in a regular bottle with a brush like the gel polishes you usually use. It is widely used to make hybrid nails, which combines the Builder Gel Liquid on the extension of the natural nail tip with a leveling rubber base applied on the entire nail bed to create a perfect apex. Hence, the name hybrid nails is based on the mixture of these two products, promising a long-lasting and beautiful result.

Which one is the best choice for you?

Choosing between a rubber base and builder gel depends on your needs and preferences. If you have weak, thin, or flexible nails that need protection and strengthening, the rubber base may be your best choice. The builder gel may be the better choice if you want longer or more substantial, longer-lasting nails. Remember that these two products can be used together for optimal results. For example, if you wish to long nails, you can use builder gel to lengthen them and then use a rubber base coat for a better finish.


These two formulas can be used together for optimal results. For example, if you want long nails, you can use builder gel to lengthen them and then use a rubber base coat to level them for a better finish. The rubber base and the builder gel are primarily formulated to strengthen and protect the nails. However, each has a specific purpose.


Can Rubber Base Gel be used with all types of nail polish?

Yes, rubber base gel can be utilized as a foundation for various types of nail polish, including regular polish, gel polish, and even nail art. Its adhesive qualities provide an excellent base that enhances the durability of the overlaying polish. 

Note: Keep in mind that it is not going to last the same as a gel polish, when you apply regular nail polish on top of the rubber base. 


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