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Gel Nail Polish Supplies

Here you will find all the products to make gel nails. Discover our line of UV and LED curing gels: top coats, base gels, blossom gels), UV/LED curing color, painting gel, spider gel, cat eye, nail preparation products, and tools and accessories designed to work with gel polish.

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Buy Dan’s gel nail products and get professional results.
Our nail polish provides a chip-free nail with up to 3 weeks of wear.


Dan’s Gel nail Polish System features an ultra-clean finish.
Our formula is developed to provide superior gloss and performance
when compared to other gel nail polish on the Market.

Gel Polish Collections

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Find a Huge selection of polishes effects and colors


Our Brand products are designed for Professional Salon use. Discover our huge list of the product carefully crafted for the gel manicure

Highly-Pigmented Gel Colors

Quality highly pigmented gel smooth and very easy to apply with a very good cover ability.
You’ll rarely have to apply more than one coat of these beautiful colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Find some of the questions most asked on the internet about gel nails. We hope these answers do provide you valuable guidance on what is gel polish and how to use it. In case your question was not answered after reading this, just send us an email to or a message on Facebook.

Do gel nail polish ruin your nails?

Gel nail polish alone won’t harm your nails. However, if you bite the polish, you can damage your nails. By peeling it off, you can peel off your original nail too, and that makes it very thin and weak

What is gel polish?

Gel polish has a composition of acrylic monomers as well as oligomers that bond up together by being placed under UV light. The process itself is known as curing, the liquid gel becomes hard within seconds becoming a highly chemical-resistant coat perfect for a gel manicure.

What is gel manicure?

The gel manicure consists of a service which uses a gel-based glaze system which requires either a UV or LED lamp in order to cure the glaze so it can be locked on to your fingernails. The gel nails last longer when compared to regular. For example, the regular one will chip in about 2-3 days, while gel will not chip for weeks.

What are the benefits of gel nail polish?

Gel nail polish’s biggest benefit is that it lasts longer compared to regular polish. You can expect gel nails to resist up to four weeks. It won’t chip, break, or peel easily. Dan’s gel is actually very strong.

Do I have to use a Top Coat?

Yep, once you have applied Dan’s gel color (2 layers), a thin layer of Dan’s Top Coat will need to be applied. Dan’s Top Coat helps protect and seal up the gel manicure as well as make it shine up!

What is the difference between gel and regular nail polish?

Consider gel polishing as if it were liquid acrylic. Both product’s chemical composition varies from brand to brand, and the biggest difference is that gel only dries with direct UV or LED light contact when regular can dry by air.

Can LED lights cure gel polish?

LED and UV nail lamps both produce UV light wavelengths and function just as well, but UV lamps produce a wider spectrum of light wavelengths, on the other hand, LED lamps emit a more narrow and specific amount of wavelength. All gel polishes cannot be cured using a LED lamp.

Is gel polish better than acrylic?

When choosing gels or acrylics nails the type of job you do is an important factor.

For example, if you use your hands often and your nails are fragile and thin, you should choose gel nails.

If you’re uncertain when choosing gel or acrylic nails our best bet is to consult it with your nail technician for professional advice.

How do you know if gel polish is cured?

You have to make sure all gel layers are properly cured by the UV/LED lamp. All Layer should be cured by the time suggested, different Gel brands haves different curing time for their products, here in Dan’s Nails our recommended time is 30-60 seconds per layer

Why are my gel nails not curing?

It seems that the gel is not completely cured. It can happen if you are applying it excessively thick. If you apply it too heavily, the UV light will not penetrate deep into the layer in order to cure it correctly. Uncured polish causes the top layer to become opaque as well as wiped down with the cleanser.

What supplies are needed for gel nails?

You’ll need Dan’s nail polish, a UV lamp, a nail buff, a cuticle oil, a base coat and, a top coat just to get started.