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Popular Products

Silver Metallic Gel Paint  for nails Metallic gel paint

Silver Metallic Gel Paint

MSRP: $19.85
Create beautiful art on your client's nails. The designs you will create with this gel painting will make your nails shine and make them look special and trendy. We recommend that you use a 10 to...
Clear Rubber Base Gel Nail Polish Clear Rubber Base Gel Nail Polish

Clear Rubber Base Gel Coat

Product Specification:Volume: 15ml/0.5 fl.ozColor: Transparent, ClearPackage include: 1 BottleRequired UV/LED Nail Dryer Lamp, must be used with a gel topcoat.
Gold Metallic Gel Paint

Gold Metallic Gel Paint

MSRP: $19.85
Materials: Epoxy acrylate resin & Brightener Quick to apply with easy soak-off Single layer creates a smooth foundation Provides protection of natural nails for stronger nails As a base for soak...
Super Gloss  Gel nail Polish Top Coat

Super Gloss Non-Wipe Soak Off Gel Top Coat

Product Details Cure Time: 30 – 60 Seconds (LED) 60 / 120 under UV BulbSize: 15ML (0.5 Ounce)Odorless and environmentally friendly.Directions for Use: Apply 1 Layer to the finished nail.Never...

New Products

Precision Trio - Liner Brushes Precision Trio - Liner Brushes

Precision Trio - Liner Brushes

Introducing the Precision Trio - Essential Liner Brushes, the ultimate set for nail art enthusiasts and professionals. This meticulously curated collection features three high-quality liner brushes,...

Immerse yourself in the radiant allure of Dan's Nails Gel Nail Polishes. Our collection promises captivating colors and stunning effects, paired with an easy-to-apply, long-lasting formula designed for 28+ days of wear. 

Rubber Base Gel Coat Collections

Discover our full line of Rubber Base Gel Polish Coat for Nails, a new Game Changer for Weak and Thin Nails. Our innovative formula provides extra durability and resilience to different nail shapes, brittle, and splitting nails, making them stronger than ever before. 


Experience perfection with our Acrylic Nail Powder System. Crafted for natural-looking, long-lasting nails, our specialized formula ensures no marbling, yellowing, running, or bubbling. Dive into elegance with our premium powders, liquids, and tools.


acrylic nail powder covers

CoverCraft Acrylic Powders 

Unleash your creativity with CoverCraft's premium Acrylic Nail Powders. Revel in the stunning, durable colors that promise a flawless finish. Dive into a world of elegance where beauty meets quality, ensuring your nail enhancements stand out gracefully. Experience the extraordinary with CoverCraft — where perfection is just a brushstroke away.


Nail Art Supply

Unleash artistic brilliance with our Nail Art Supply essentials. From sparkling crystal diamonds to versatile spider gel, redefine elegance. Elevate your designs using our premium accessories, nail stickers, transfer foil paper, and rich gel paints. Embellish with excellence—your canvas awaits.



Our Spider Gel has been designed to meet the needs of the nail tech and salons who demands a superior consisyency on their nail products. This cutting-edge technology delivers outstanding elasticity of the nail resulting in perfect lines.

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