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Find the hottest nail polish colors on our nail supply store in matte, metallic, glitter, shimmer, effects, and tones!


Hight Quality Formula with Micro Glitters
Make Beautiful Natural-Looking Nails with our Acrylic System.
Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer System

EMA Pro Nail Liquid Monomer

Our acrylic nail liquid monomers are developed to provide higher bonding, consistency, lower odor, and free of mess while maintaining color clarity, avoiding yellowing, and no mma.


 Hi, I am Daniella Fer the founder/CEO of Dan’s Nails.Through my experience, I will help you become a true nail art professional, online, or in face-to-face courses!


Our Soak off Ultra Matte and Super Gloss Top Coat are your best friends for a flawless finish creating the best color gel polish protection on your client's nails for over 21 days without flaking. Buy them in combination with our base coat for maximum performance and to save you more money.

Create beautiful nail art with our Base Coat, Super Gloss, and Ultra Matte Non-Wipe Top Coat.
$37.65 $41.85


With Dan's Nails beauty system you can create sophisticated designs that will impress your clients and make your Instagram look professional and modern.
gold chrome pigment powders for sale


Get all the must-have nail art products for your clients at Dan's Nails.We have nail art stickers, nail art jewelry, nail art decals and much more that will boost your services at your  nail salon. 

Nail Supply for Professional Nail Tech & Beginners

Here you will find tools and specialized content for all kind of levels of expertise, from professional nail tech to beginners find all your supplies needs
All the resources, training, and support you need to run your dream online business! Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned business owner, we have tools and resources to help you take your business to the next level.
Quality is our best offer. Dan’s Beauty Nail System is made up of a young and organized staff that works with great enthusiasm to offer the best services to its clients and provide all the necessary equipment for nail supply. The success of this organization is due to a combination of ambition and proven business experience, backed by years of industry effectiveness.


To achieve the highest performance you will need the right tools. Of course, you can buy all these products in our online store: tips, cutters, tweezers, cuticle pushers, adhesives, cuticle oils, disinfectant liquids, and removers among others. (Available Soon)

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Find some of the questions most asked on the internet about our nail’s products. We hope these answers do provide you valuable guidance. In case your question was not answered after reading this, just send us an email to hello@dansnails.com or a message on Facebook.
Products that professional nail salons use

Products that professional nail salons use

It is important to know your supplies if you have just started a salon or your own nail business. Although most of your work requires talent and training, you must never underestimate the value of quality supplies.

These are the basic supplies that are necessary on every nail tech kit

Quality Nail File Kit

Cuticle Exfoliator

Nail Forms

Diamond Nail File

Sable Brush


Toe Separators

Cuticle Oil

What is the Professional Name of a Nail Technician?

What is the Professional Name of a Nail Technician?

Sometimes “Manicurist ” is used interchangeably for ” nail technician “. Just as nail technicians, manicurists also are certified and licensed professionals. The manicurist or nail technician is a professional whose job involves styling and sculpting a person’s fingernails. This is accomplished by using a combination of nail decoration with color polish, transfers, gemstones, or glitter. Standard techniques involve manicures, pedicures, cleaning, filing, and coating or applying for nail extensions.

Best Market Prices

Best Online Nail Supply Market Prices 2020

We strive every day to offer our clients the best prices on the market for professional nail products. We also offer free technical service and advice for all products in our store. In order to guarantee the satisfaction of all our clients, our Beauty Nail System Online Supply Store only works with top quality Products.

How can I contact you?

How can I contact you?

We have several contact channels for you to solve all the doubts that may arise during and after placing an order. We study all our products in order to advise you in the most effective way.

What’s the quality of our products

Quality is our priority. We are a company completely dedicated to the art of
manicure and pedicure, totally passionate about offering the best products to all those who wish to practice the art of decoration and nail care both professionally and as a hobby at home.
A 100% online store that allows you to buy from the comfort of your home at the best prices.
A complete correct manicure and pedicure treatment will help to maintain the nails, allowing the person to have beautiful healthy hands and feet.

When it comes to nail gel, we have the following categories but not limited to: Gel Kits, Adhesion, Builder Gel, French Gel, Camouflage Gel, Single Phase Gel, Finishing Gel, Color Gel, and Glitter Gel. 

All UV gels, porcelain (acrylic), and permanent enamel meet the international cosmetic product regulations. We assure you that none of the above contains components or substances that are harmful to health.

In addition, we have high quality electrical appliances manufactured by the most renowned companies in the field: UV lamps, electric winches, vacuum cleaners and table lamps.

We offer you high-quality products for natural, gel, and acrylics

Our inventory is divided into multiple categories, where you will find different products for manicure, pedicure, molds to lengthen nails, pinching tweezers, cushions or hand rests And brushes, files, tips or false nails, displays and samples, electric lathes, liquid monomer, professional beauty nail system for salons, suitcases and briefcases and many more articles for the care of your nails.

At Dan’s Beauty Nail System Online Supply Store you can buy your favorite semi-permanent enamels and permanent colors, we have the type of gel that best suits your work, as well as different types of acrylic nail powder to make your acrylic or porcelain nails.

You can also find all kinds of tools from files, pliers and cuticle scissors, as well as a wide range of gel brushes, acrylic brushes and high quality decoration brushes. We have a catalog with more than thousands of products and tools for manicure.

Let your decorative imagination flow with our wide variety of nail art items available: piercings, nail accessories, stones and diamonds, glitter, angel wings, microbeads, studs, gold leaf, velvet powder, nail art pen, acrylic paint, nail stickers, striping tape, transfer foil, art tools, feathers and fruits.

Decorate your gel, acrylic nails easily with the stickers and decals.

Get a Perfect Result with the right nail tools

We have a huge variety of products for the preparation and disinfection of natural nails. Cuticle oils are also available, which are applied for hydration and care of the cuticle.

The cleaner works on the excess layer (sticky residue) that appears when hardening the UV gel and the permanent nail polish

To disinfect and dehydrate the nails, and to clean the UV gel brushes, the disinfectant liquid is used. The best versions at the best price of these and many more products can be found easily in our store.

Finally, we wish to give you a tip: nail products are an ideal gift for your best friend or your partner.

Our great passion for the world of nails, together with the professionalism and daily effort of our team of nail technicians, allows us to offer quality products at a good price. We work every day to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

We hope you have fun browsing our website, and dare to try new products given the importance of having well-groomed hands and nails.

What supplies do you need to do nails?

At Dan’s Nails Supply Store, you will find everything you need for your nail salon

Whether you are a beginner or a professional nail technician, you can purchase our products through our online store.

How to Organize Nail Supplies?

How to Organize Nail Supplies?

Store your nail tools in sealed plastic or another container. Alternatively, use a magnetic strip to keep the metal tools stored upright against the back wall of the closet. Open up space on your bathroom drawer. Utilize drawer organizers or small plastic containers for storage areas.