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Acrylic Nail System
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Mixed Name Brand Designer Nail Stickers cheap Mixed Name Brand Designer Nail Stickers decals

Mixed Name Brand Designer Nail Stickers

DescriptionLuxury Mixed Designer Name Brand, Self-Adhesive Decals for Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails, and Natural Manicure Decorations.Specification:Type: Nail DecalsMaterial: PlasticDimensions: About 3...
Silver Metallic Gel Paint  for nails Metallic gel paint

Silver Metallic Gel Paint

MSRP: $19.85
Create beautiful art on your client's nails. The designs you will create with this gel painting will make your nails shine and make them look special and trendy. We recommend that you use a 10 to...
Gold Metallic Gel Paint

Gold Metallic Gel Paint

MSRP: $19.85
Materials: Epoxy acrylate resin & Brightener Quick to apply with easy soak-off Single layer creates a smooth foundation Provides protection of natural nails for stronger nails As a base for soak...
White Crackle Gel Polish White Crackle Gel Polish

White Crackle Gel Polish

     Product Details UV LED nail Gel polish High pigment Stays up to 30 days. Odorless and environmentally friendly. Easy to apply. Never shrinking. Remove-off in 3 minutes. Animal...
Black Crackle Gel Polish Black Crackle Gel Polish

Black Crackle Gel Polish

Create Amazing Designs with this Black Crackle Nail Effect Deep as the Night, Dark as Your Desires – Nails that will Mystify!If You Want to be Mysterious Let Your Nails Command Attention with An Aura...

New Products

Rubber Base Gel Coat

Discover our full line of Rubber Base Gel Polish Coat for Nails, a new Game Changer for Weak and Thin Nails. Our innovative formula provides extra durability and resilience to different nail shapes, brittle, and splitting nails, making them stronger than ever before. Enjoy long-lasting shine and healthy-looking nails with our Rubber Base Gel Polish Coat. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself.


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