Cover Honey Glaze Acrylic Powder

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Ingredients: Poly (ethyl methacrytale) may contain Pigments or Glitter.

All Things Dainty and Sweet Right at Your Fingertips!

A Touch of Sugary Goodness

When Things Needs a Little More Sweetness, Bring Out Your Honied Acrylic Powder

Let the sweetness of honey give your day a syrupy experience as you start prepping your nails using an acrylic powder that is one to make your day even more glazed! Take out your Cover Honey Glaze Acrylic Powder and start making beautiful artificial nails that are a definite eye-candy!

  • A Strong and Flexible Nail Powder Perfect for Any Active Individual
  • With an Ultra-Fine, Self-Leveling powder, you can create beautiful artificial nails in just seconds!
  • Contains Non-Yellowing Substance that Helps Keep the Original Shade of the Powder.
  • Need Minimal Filing and Slight Touch-up.

Better start using the acrylic powder now!