EMA Pro Nail Liquid Monomer

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A Superior EMA Acrylic Liquid that Matches Your Premium Acrylic Powder!

Expert-Tested and Nail Professional-Approved

The Only Liquid Monomer You’ll Ever Need

Perfect-looking acrylic nails can only become perfect only when you use an acrylic liquid that matches its premium quality. Always make sure that your nails are on point by using the best type of liquid monomer in the market – the Pro Nail Liquid Monomer.

  • Easy to Use and Applies Evenly with Your Acrylic Nail Powder.
  • Stays Firm and Secure with its Superior Adhesive Material that Does not Lift Easily.
  • Designed to be Odorless, Great for Sensitive Clients Who Do Not Want to Smell Acrylic on their Nails.
  • Non-yellowing formula that helps prevent discoloration and does not change the Shade of Original Powder.

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What is Liquid Monomer?

Liquid Nail is a monomer made primarily from ethyl methacrylate (EMA), which sometimes includes other additives and monomers as well. Monomer ("mono" standing for one; "mer" signifies unit) consists of a individual molecule forming the building block in polymer chains.