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EMA Professional Nail Liquid Monomer for Acrylic Nails

EMA Pro Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer
Professional Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer
EMA Nail Liquid
professional MMA Free Liquid
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EMA Pro Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer
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A True Nail Liquid Monomer!

Expert-Tested and Nail Tech Professional-Approved

The Only Acrylic Liquid Monomer You’ll Ever Need

Our acrylic nail liquid monomer contains UV inhibitors that avoid yellowing, is scented to minimize odor and formulated for Strong Adhesion and Smooth Application.

Dan's Nail Liquid is compatible with all Dan's Nail Acrylic powders. Our Bonder/Primer is optional but we recommend it for common lifting problems.

Dan's Professional Liquid Monomer is guaranteed to be MMA free, making it a safe product for nail salon customers. 

Reasons to use it:

Non-lifting and non-yellowing makes happy customers. Satisfied customers create returning customers. You can rely on Dan's Monomer time after time.

If you want the best liquid in the industry today, Dan's Nail Liquid is the best solution.

100% cruelty-free, an ideal liquid nail monomer to preserve the natural health of nails, prevent damage and is the best option for users who are sensitive over conventional acrylic nail liquids.

  • Easy to Use and Applies Evenly with Your Acrylic Nail Powder.
  • It remains firm and secure through its superior adhesive technology which does not lift off easily.
  • Designed to be Low Odor, Great for Sensitive Clients Who Do Not Want to Smell Acrylic on their Nails.
  • Non-yellowing formula that helps prevent discoloration and does not change the Shade of Original Powder.
  • MMA Free Nail Liquid Monomer

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Ingredients: Ethyl Methacrylate, other Acrylic Monomers

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) URL

Made In USA




An advanced blend of EMA monomer (ethyl methacrylate) designed for cosmetic nail care use. Dan's Nails liquid monomer is very easy to handle, allowing you time to work the bead as you please. Great for sculpting beautiful acrylic nails.


Include UV inhibitors to Prevent Yellowing
Nail Liquid is fragranced to reduce odor and contains a blend of ingredients to ensure the best adhesion and application. OUR ACRYLIC MONOMER DOES NOT CONTAIN MMA!

Developed and produced in the United States of America. Created under strict quality control, using ingredients and formulas that respect the environment.


  • Low Odor Formula
  • Cosmetic Use Ready
  • Feature UV inhibitors to avoid yellowing
  • Ready for students and professional nail techs
  • Manufactured and developed in the United States of America
Best Acrylic Nail Monomer

Best Quality MMA FREE Nail Liquid Monomer 2022

  • Best liquid monomer on the market for acrylic nails which matches the majority of acrylic nail powder systems.
  • We have designed our liquid monomer to achieve strong and amazing acrylic nail designs.
  • New techniques can be created with ease, Nail Sculpting, 3D Nail Art and Nail Tips are some of the many techniques you can achieve.
  • Dan's Nails Liquid Monomer is an MMA FREE, EMA monomer that gives outstanding flexibility, best adhesion, and absorption properties when combined with Dan's Nails acrylic nail powders. It performs flawlessly at low temperatures, ensuring year-round stability, while the low odor makes it safe for indoor use.
Low Odor Acrylic Monomer


Dan's Nail liquid monomer work excellent with other acrylic powder brands. However, you will not experience a professional acrylic nail system until you use our complete system. Discover the true potential of a top of the line acrylic system through using the full acrylic system of Dan's Nails.


how to use acrylic monomer

Place the nail liquid monomer solution inside the dappen dish.
To avoid overfilling, gently pour the liquid into the container.



how to use nail liquid

Soak the brush in the recipient.
Press out the excess gently to avoid making the bead too runny.

dan's acrylic powder

Softly pick up the pearl
With the brush moistened with nail liquid, gently pick up the pearl.

nail powder polymer

Perfect Pearl
The pearl has to be neither too wet nor too dried, you will recognize that it is the correct pearl for the application. Apply to the shape of the nail or to the tip of the nail for sculpting.




What is Nail Liquid Monomer?

A. The nail liquid monomer is made primarily from ethyl methacrylate (EMA), which sometimes includes other additives and monomers as well. Monomer ("mono" standing for one; "mer" signifies unit) consists of a individual molecule forming the building block in polymer chains.

What Monomer do Nail Salons Use?

A. Typically, nail salons use a harmless liquid monomer known as ethyl methacrylate or EMA. This liquid is safe for cosmetic use and will prevent skin reactions and deterioration of the nail plate on the nails of the professional technicians' clients, unlike mma monomers which are illegal for nail salon use due to their high toxic levels.


 In the 1970s, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) technically banned the use of MMA.

Quality Control

The United States Food and Drug Administration is responsible for the material safety of all cosmetic ingredients. The FDA advised against the application of methyl methacrylate (MMA) used in nail care products in the beginning of the 1970s due to consumers' allergic reactions to this MMA monomer. Technicians have to learn to identify common quality problems when using the raw materials being used. For instance, a common issue with the liquid monomer is due to reactions of the monomers occurring too early, producing a thick gel instead of a thin liquid. This gelation causes the monomers to become useless. To prevent this type of issue, inhibitors are added to the nail liquid mixture, guaranteeing its quality for one to two years.

How do You Know if a Acrylic Monomer has MMA?

A. One fast method is to buff the glossy surface of the nail and immerse the complete nail in 100% acetone solution over a period of 30 seconds. Once you take the nail out of the liquid then inspect it, in case it is still glossy and a bit tacky, but hasn't broken, it's an MMA acrylic. Also the smell, MMA monomer will have a really strong smell. 

Can You use any Acrylic Powder with Dan's Nail Liquid Monomer?

A. Because so many different types of powders are available, which contain various amounts of initiators and additives, it is difficult to develop a single nail liquid monomer that would work with all brands of acrylic polymer powders.

Dan's Nails Monomer works with most type of acrylic system. We recommend using it with the Dan's Nails Acrylic Powders to achieve long-lasting, gorgeous results!

The Basic Chemistry

Liquid: single monomer mainly made of ethyl methacrylate (EMA), which sometimes includes various monomers and additives as well. A monomer ("mono" means one; "mer" means unit) represents a single molecule forming the building block material of polymer molecule chains.


Inhibitors: These ingredients, usually hydroquinone, hydroquinone monomethyl ether, or butylated hydroxytoluene, prevent the monomers from bonding into polymeric chains prior to blending with the powder, preventing pre-mature curing.


Catalyst: Compound that causes a reaction to occur more quickly than would normally happen. (Accelerates the breakdown process of the initiator in the acrylic powder).


UV absorbers (optional): Enhancers that absorb ultraviolet light ( preventing color yellowing ) and transform it into blue light or heat.


Crosslinkers (optional): Additives that enable monomers to bind to each other in a 3D network-like pattern, a stronger structure compared to the row of head-tail connections which they would otherwise create.


Wetting agents (optional): Chemical additives which make the compatibility of the liquid better with solid surfaces, thus improving adhesion.


Flow modifiers (optional): Ingredients help to minimize brush strokes over the surface, causing it to be self-leveling.


* Note about the odorless acrylic system: Odorless acrylics will be more precisely identified as "low odor monomer" ( as they continue to emit vapors, although they are hard to smell), and they do not use ethyl methacrylate. While ethyl methacrylate is fast reacting and builds a robust, stabilized color enhancement, the monomers utilized to make odorless products are slower reacting and are not as color stable. Because they are slow to react, oxygen inhibits cure on surfaces, creating a sticky layer known as an "oxygen inhibition layer".


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