Cover Pink Camel Acrylic Powder

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Ingredients: Poly (ethyl methacrytale) may contain Pigments or Glitter.

Fun and Subtle Acrylic Nail Powder for the Young and Youthful!

Semi Clean with a Touch of Blush

Your Nails Will Look Radiantly Glowing with this Powder On

Create amazingly gorgeous artificial nails that will wow not just you also the people who see you have it on! Get the Cover Pink Camel Acrylic Powder and have a look at your pretty set of nails that just inspire you to be young, wild, and free!

  • Uses fine, polymer powder making it easy for you to form and spread.
  • Hardens into a solid acrylic without much retouch and with minimal filing.
  • Provides consistent coverage and superior retention with its premium quality adhesive.
  • Creates a strong and flexible artificial nail that is easy to design yet does not easily break. 

Start using this acrylic powder today!