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Lady Lilac Acrylic Nail Cover

Lady Lilac Acrylic Nail Cover
Purple acrylic powder for summer
summer acrylic powder cover collection
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Lady Lilac Acrylic Nail Cover
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Ingredients: Poly (ethyl methacrylate), may contain Pigments.

Introducing Lady Lilac, our latest innovation in acrylic nail cover technology, crafted for the distinguished nail artist and salons that demand nothing less than perfection. This luxurious shade of lilac exudes a refined elegance, designed to provide a flawless, self-leveling finish with exceptional clarity. Lady Lilac is characterized by its superior setting qualities that ensure long-lasting wear and a smooth application.

Weight: 2 oz


  • Self-Leveling: Effortlessly smooth application for a flawless finish.
  • Bubble-Free: Advanced formulation guarantees a sleek, bubble-free appearance.
  • Improved Adhesion: Ensures a secure fit to the natural nail, preventing lifting.
  • Non-Yellowing: Maintains its pristine color without discoloration.
  • Non-Lifting: Stays intact without edge lift for lasting beauty.
  • Excellent Clarity: Transparent quality allows the true color to shine through.

How to Use: Lady Lilac is to be used in conjunction with our exclusive Nail Liquid for optimal performance. This combination enhances the product’s abilities, providing controlled sculpting while maintaining the acrylic’s inherent beauty and integrity.

Superior Control While Sculpting the False Nail: Lady Lilac provides unmatched control during the sculpting process, designed to work seamlessly with our Nail Liquid Monomer. This ensures a customizable setting time and workability to achieve perfect results every time. With Lady Lilac, transition to a new level of nail artistry and never look back.

Elevate your nail design with the timeless elegance of Lady Lilac, where beauty meets quality in every stroke.


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