Blossom Gel Soak Off UV LED Clear Blooming Gel Polish

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Product Details

  • Cure Time: 30 – 60 Seconds (LED) 60 / 120 under UV Bulb
  • Size: 15ML (0.5 Ounce)
  • Odorless and environmentally friendly.
  • Never shrinking.
  • Remove-off in 3 minutes.
  • Animal Cruelty-Free

Keep the product stored in a cool place and out of direct exposure to sunlight. In case of any irritation or allergies, terminate use immediately.

Best CLEAR Blossom Gel Polish

Create Beautiful Marble, Floral Blooms, Deep Opal, and Watercolor Effects with Ease. This UV LED Clear Blooming Gel will help you to Create Magical Designs Like a Pro. 

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