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Blooming Gel Nail Polish Soak Off - UV LED for Blossom Effect

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Blooming Gel Soak Off UV LED
Clear Blossom Gel Polish
Blossom Gel Flower effect
Snake Effect Blooming gel For nails
Marble Nail Effect
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Item Form: Gel
Color: Clear, Transparent
Finish Type: Matte
Special Feature: Long Wearing, Never shrinking.
Feature: Animal Cruelty Free
Liquid Volume: 0.5 Fluid Ounces
Cure Time: 30–60s (LED) 60 / 120 under UV Bulb
Soak-off Time: 3 Minutes

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About this item

  • Stunning effect: Blooming Effect is designed to help you create nail art like marble, floral print, natural stone, watercolor, gradients and more like a pro. Easily and quickly create elegant and eye-catching nail art.
  • No matter the season of the year, from spring, summer, fall, and winter the Blossom Effect Gel is an excellent choice. With our Blossom Effect you can do quick manicure designs at the salon or at home. The blooming gel effect sparks your creative side and helps you to create those complicated designs you see on instagram, facebook, or youtube easily. for your clients, such as floral, Snake Skin Effects marble and many more great Nail Arts.


Polyurethane Acrylate Oligmers
Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate
Hydroxy Phenyl
Cyclohexyl Ketone, Diphenyl
2,4,6 -Trimethylbenzoyl

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) URL

Keep the product stored in a cool place and out of direct exposure to sunlight. In case of any irritation or allergies, terminate use immediately.

How to use Dan's Nails Blooming Gel.

  • 1. Apply a thin layer of Dan's Nails blooming gel over the base or color gel, do not cure.
  • 2. In the desired area, apply the color gel over the uncured blossom gel. Give time so the color gel can spread out for a blooming effect.
  • 3. Use an LED lamp to cure for 30 seconds or a UV lamp for 2 minutes.
  • 4. Apply topcoat gel sealer and cure.


Buy Dan's Nails Blooming Gel Polish for Nails


Curious about how nail technicians achieve such gorgeous marble nails?

Dan's Nails Blooming Gel, helps you achieve easy and elegant nail art such as watercolor, snake designs, marble, floral, natural stone, stamping, tie-dye, patterned, gradient, and many others.

  • The BLOOMING GEL provides a terrific base for unique and creative nail art designs combined with ANY soak-off gel polish color.
  • Make nail art with just a couple of brush strokes.
  • Simple to use and will allow you to achieve a swirled effect or marble pattern with any enamel color desired.
  • This clear blooming gel is perfect for flowing art and performs great with all types of colored gel polishes.

Make any gel polish bloom, simply paint the color of the gel polish on the gel blossom, a natural ink or marble pattern will instantly appear. It is magic

amazon blooming gel nail polish

15ML Blooming Gel Soak Off UV/LED Spreading Effect for Marble, Floral Nail Art Designs

Product Details

  • Product Name: Blooming Gel
  • Size: 15ML (0.5 Ounce)
  • Cure Time: 30s/60s (Gel LED) 60s/120s under UV Bulb Gel Lamp
  • Never shrinking. Remove-off in 3 minutes
    Multiple collocations: Clear gel, can be applied over any base color

Kind of Designs You can Create With the Blooming Gel

flower designs

Flowers Effects

Who doesn't love flowers on their nails and generally speaking? Flowers are always in trend but the best thing is that you can make them in different styles and colors with blooming gel if you want to.

marble water nail designs

Marble Effects

Marble is one of the most requested designs by clients in the nail salons, the diversity of marbled colors that we can do makes this the perfect complement to any manicure.

snake skin blooming gel effect

Snake Skin

I love all blooming creations, because of the easy and varied way to achieve different blooming designs with this gel, but this one in particular is one of my favorites. If you want to go outside the box and give a touch of confidence and boldness, you need to try the Snake Skin Effect.

roses nail art designs


The favorite of many, roses with blooming gel, the touch of elegance and freshness in a single design, who can say no to this nail art.

Blossom Nail Art Salon Design Inspirations

blue blossom gel polish
grey blossom gel nail polish
white blossom gel nail designs

Red Nail Art Designs

red blooming gel nail art

How to use Dan's Nails Blooming Gel.

To use the blooming gel, first cure the base layer of gel, followed by the steps below for the correct application of the blooming gel.
apply the blossom gel

Apply a thin layer of Dan's Nails base gel or color gel, and cure.

apply blooming gel

Then Apply a coat of the Blooming Gel and DON'T cure it.

use a brush liner

With a Brush or Liner create your design and let it spread on the nail. Then dry it under the Lamp

Apply top coat

Apply a gel top coat to your design and dry it under the  nail lamp

Best CLEAR Blossom Gel Polish

Create Beautiful Marble, Floral Blooms, Deep Opal, and Watercolor Effects with Ease. This UV LED Clear Blooming Gel will help you to Create Magical Designs Like a Pro. 

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Our Gel Polish Base Coat and Top Coats Set is used to achieve a proper gel bond and finish. This is actually the required initial step of our Gel Nail Polish System for 21+ days of optimal color usage without peel and chip.
Dan’s nail base layer acts as a natural nail guard. Create strong and astonishing nail designs with this Trio

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What is the Blooming Gel

Blooming Gel is a transparent LED/UV gel that creates a magical effect on the nail: when a layer is applied to the nail, it dilutes any color that you put on top, so you can create watercolor, marble, flower or mist designs by simply adding the colors and moving them around! 

Manicure Designs

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