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Tropical Temptations Rubber Base Gel Collection

Tropical Temptations Rubber Base Gel Collection
Tropical Temptations Rubber Base Gel Collection
Tropical Temptations Rubber Base Gel Collection
Tropical Temptations Rubber Base Gel Collection
Tropical Temptations Rubber Base Gel Collection
Tropical Temptations Rubber Base Gel Collection
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Tropical Temptations Rubber Base Gel Collection
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Unveiling Dan's Nails "Tropical Temptations" Rubber Base Collection - a game-changing solution for your nail needs! Our innovative formula is designed to deeply strengthen and fortify your nails, providing the support they need to grow long and healthy while protecting them from pigmentation and yellowing. Embrace strong, beautiful, and vibrant nails that last up to 31 days when applied correctly!

Dive into our Tropical Temptations Collection, featuring these five vibrant and exotic colors:

  • Tropical Teal Tides: Immerse yourself in the tranquil allure of tropical oceans with this vibrant teal, guaranteed to make a splash!
  • Blue Lagoon Bliss: Capture the mesmerizing tranquility of a secluded lagoon on your nails with this soothing, blissful blue.
  • Greenery Grove Groove: Revel in the rhythm of lush greenery; perfect for creating a fresh and vibrant look that echoes the vibrancy of nature itself.
  • Pink Sunset Serenade: Paint the dazzling beauty of a tropical sunset on your nails with this warm, enchanting pink.
  • Purple Paradise Prism: Lose yourself in the tropical twilight with this captivating purple, reflecting the mesmerizing hues of paradise.

Product specifications:

  • Volume: 15ml/0.5 fl.oz (per bottle)
  • More than 28 days of use
  • no chipping
  • Package includes: 5 bottles
  • Requires UV/LED nail dryer lamp, which needs to be combined with a gel top coat. (Not included)

In this collection, we bring you the allure of the tropics with 5 tantalizing colors:

  • 1 x Tropical Teal Tides
  • 1 x Blue Lagoon Bliss
  • 1 x Greenery Grove Groove
  • 1 x Pink Sunset Serenade
  • 1 x Purple Paradise Prism

Dan's Nails Rubber Base Collection is designed for professional use. It offers high compatibility with most gel polishes, allowing you to create a wide range of nail art designs that showcase your creativity and style. The collection's versatile use as a standalone or base gel coat allows you to customize your look and create a flawless finish.

Say goodbye to weak and peeling nails and hello to a Tropical Temptation of strong, long-lasting, and chip-resistant nails. Dive into Dan's Nails Tropical Temptations Collection today, and experience the paradise at your fingertips!

Please note that all colors in the collection must be used with a UV/LED Nail Dryer Lamp and topped with a gel topcoat (not included) for the best results.

Here are some steps to improve the durability of the product:

  • Step 1- Nail Preparation: It's vital to ensure your nails are adequately prepared. This means your nails should be free from oils or residues. You can do this by gently buffing your nails with a 180- or 200-grit buffer to create porosity. After buffering, clean your nails thoroughly without touching the skin using a wipe soaked in a nail dehydrator or (alcohol or acetone). This step will help remove any oils or residue from your nails, thereby improving the adhesion of our product.
  • Step 2- Bonder Application: Apply a Gel Bonder without excess, ensuring it covers the entire nail but avoids contact with the skin, preferably ours (Dan's Super Bond | Primer & Bonder). This product acts as a primer and bonder, preparing your nails for using our rubber base.
  • Step 3- Rubber Base Application: Apply a thin layer of our rubber base to cover your whole nail, ensuring it doesn't touch your skin. Without curing, apply a bit more product to create volume. Refer to this quick video here for a visual guide:
  • Step 4- Adding Volume & Creating Apex: Apply a second layer of the rubber base without curing to add more volume. Here, you can utilize the 'flipping the finger' technique to auto-level the product and create the perfect apex. This technique lets you avoid getting too close to the cuticle and focus on creating an ideal Apex.
  • Step 5- Curing Process: Cure under a dual UV/LED nail lamp with a wavelength of 365nm+ 405nm and 36 to 48 watts for 60-90 seconds. Remember that this is a rubber base, so it will leave a tacky layer after curing - this is normal and is the adhesive layer for the top coat or any other gel polish you wish to apply on top of it. Step 6- Top Coat Application: Apply the a-layer gel top coat/sealer and cure again for 60-90 seconds.

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