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Gold Glitter Matte Top Coat Gel Polish

Gold Gel Top Coat Glitter polish
Gel Polish Color top coat with foil flakes gold
Gold Gel Top Coat Glitter
Gel Color top coat with foil gold particles
Gel polish Top coat with gold
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Gold Gel Top Coat Glitter polish
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Top Coat Gel Polish in a Matte Version - with Gold Foil Particles.

  • Gel Top Coat with Gold Glitter: Long_Lasting gel nail polish that will last for more than 28 days giving you a perfect matte finish with gold glitter effect. A High Quality top coat that eliminates scratching, chipping and smudging of the nail art.
  • Type: Sock-Off Gel Polish
  • Drying: 60s under a UV/LED 365nm+405nm Lamp
  • Volume: 15ML/0.5fl oz
  • Net Weight: 65g

An Animal Cruelty-Free, Odorless, and Environmentally Friendly. Our EggShell Top Coat can be easily removed in less than 3 minutes and will never shrink

What is a Gel Top Coat?

As its name suggests, it is a layer that is applied over the Gel Nail Polish, usually transparent and with a glossy, finish -although there are also matte ones- and that works as a protective barrier for the nail -superpowers included-.

What are the Main Properties?

It depends on the one you use. The ones from Dan's, for example, have several: they prevent the appearance of cracks and streaks, protect the nail polish against all kinds of external agents (snags, scratches, bumps...), provide extra shine, cover small imperfections, accelerate the speed of drying and, of course, prolong the duration of the manicure.

When Should it be Applied?

As mentioned above, always after the two coats of the colored gel nail polish, when it is completely dry. By the way, a tip: to speed up drying and to achieve a more precise finish, two coats with little polish are better than one with a loaded brush.

Is the Base Coat the Same as the Top Coat?

Noooooooooo, nothing to do with each other! While the base coat is the first step and favors the fixation of the nail polish - but, above all, hydration and care -, the top coat is applied at the end of everything (you already know it by heart) as a color sealer.

Are all Top Coats the Same?

Dan's top coats, at least, are not. In fact, there's something for everyone... And now that you know what a top coat is, all you have to do is choose yours.

Any extra tips?
Since you ask... yes! Wait at least two hours to wet your hands once you've finished painting your nails, especially if the water is hot. Don't start scrubbing now, just because we told you to do it, you slime!

Ensure the life of your nail polish (and your nails) in no time. You've already mastered what a top coat is, now you just need to put it in your beauty bag.


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