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Rosy Brown PolyGel | Essential Nudes Collection

Rosy Brown PolyGel | Essential Nudes Collection
PolyGel Essential Nudes Collection
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Rosy Brown PolyGel | Essential Nudes Collection
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Dive into the warmth and depth of the Rosy Brown PolyGel, a key piece in the Polygel Nails Essential Nudes Collection. This shade embodies the rich earthiness of untouched soil, mingled with the first light of dawn. Its hue grounds and elevates, making it a cornerstone of natural beauty.


  • Content by Volume: 60g/2.0 oz tube
  • Longevity: Assures more than 28 days of perfect wear.
  • Chip-Free Assurance: Specially designed to resist chipping, preserving the allure of your nails.
  • Contents of Kit: Features one 2 oz tube of Rosy Brown PolyGel, among the curated 6-tube Essential Nudes Collection.
  • Required Equipment: Utilization necessitates a UV/LED Nail Dryer Lamp for adequate curing (TO BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY).


Rosy Brown PolyGel is celebrated for its distinctive, earth-toned beauty that seamlessly blends sophistication with a touch of the untamed. It provides:

  • Universal Pairing: Easily integrates with various gel polishes for endless creativity.
  • Exquisite Composition: Made from the finest, safest components, ensuring trust and satisfaction.
  • Simplicity & Durability: Engineered for effortless application with a robust finish that endures.
  • Timeless Beauty: Your manicure maintains its impeccable appearance for over four weeks.
  • Efficient Extensions: The ideal solution for quick yet breathtaking nail extensions.


  1. Initial Prep: Begin with clean, prepared cuticles for the best foundation.
  2. Primer Layer: Apply Dan's Bond Primer for enhanced gel adhesion.
  3. Base Application: Proceed with Dan’s Base Coat, and cure it under UV/LED light for 60 seconds.
  4. Rosy Brown Usage: Opt for the correct dual form, infill it with Rosy Brown PolyGel, and finesse the shape.
  5. Setting Process: Attach the form to the nail, allowing it to cure for 2-3 minutes for a solid set.
  6. Refinement Stage: After curing, remove the form and sculpt the nail to your liking.
  7. Gloss Finish: Apply Dan’s Gel Topcoat for a durable, glossy sheen, and cure for an additional 1-2 minutes.

The Rosy Brown PolyGel from the Essential Nudes Collection redefines your nail enhancement experience, blending effortlessly with your natural beauty for up to 28 days. We're eager to address any queries or accept feedback about our offerings. Immerse in the richness of Rosy Brown by clicking "Add to cart" today.


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