Cover Camel Glitz Acrylic Powder

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Ingredients: Poly (ethyl methacrytale) may contain Pigments or Glitter.

Glitz and Glamourous Nails No Matter What Event

Your Nails are the STAR!

Strong and Tough While Functional and Convenient Made Just for You

When you need a trusty acrylic powder that can keep up with your active lifestyle yet still gives you the aesthetics that you need, the Cover Camel Glitz Acrylic Powder is what you are looking for. An epitome of Working Smart and Living the Dream.

  • Easy to control with minimal filing and designed to self-level for your ease of application.
  • Provides flawless, smooth consistency.
  • Creates an artificial nail that won’t easily break and can last longer compared to regular acrylic powders.
  • Created with a Non-Yellowing agent that does not change the shade of the powder. 

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