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Cotton Candy Builder Gel | Creamy Cover

Cotton Candy Hard Builder Gel | Creamy Cover
Cotton Candy Hard Builder Gel
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Cotton Candy Hard Builder Gel | Creamy Cover
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Introducing our Cotton Candy Hard Builder Gel | Creamy Cover, a dreamy addition to our exclusive builder gel collection. This creamy, pastel pink shade is not just a color but an experience, evoking the sweet delight of cotton candy at a summer fair. Designed with professional nail technicians in mind, this builder gel offers unparalleled strength and versatility for both natural nail overlays and sculptural enhancements.

Our Cotton Candy Builder Gel stands out with its creamy consistency, making the application smooth and flawless. It is ideal for creating a solid, durable base and also excels in extending nails to any desired length. Despite its robust build, this gel maintains flexibility, miming the natural nail and minimizing the chances of cracking or chipping upon impact.

Its self-leveling property sets our Cotton Candy Hard Builder Gel apart, which ensures a perfectly even application every time. It's a game-changer for nail professionals seeking a sophisticated look with minimal effort. Plus, its vibrant, sweet hue adds a touch of playfulness to any manicure, making it a must-have in your nail art arsenal.

Key Features:

  • Creamy, pastel pink shade inspired by the sweetness of cotton candy.
  • Versatile use for natural nail overlays, extensions, and sculptural enhancements.
  • The self-leveling formula for a smooth, flawless application.
  • It provides a robust and durable base with a touch of flexibility to mimic natural nails.
  • It is ideal for professional use in salons to create bespoke, long-lasting manicures.

Embrace the sweetness and strength of our Cotton Candy Hard Builder Gel | Creamy Cover, and let your creativity take flight with designs that last.

CAUTION: This product is intended for professional use and should only be applied to nails. Please avoid direct contact with eyes, mouth, and skin. In the event of contact, rinse the affected area immediately.


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