Red Crackle Gel Polish

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Tentative Red Crackle Gel Polish Effect Color

Scorching Hot Nails that are Sure to Tempt and Tease!
Alluring Anyone Around You

When Your Little Red Dress is not Enough – Get Your Nails Red Hot Too!
If the plain red color is just not your style, then we offer you an option that will make you love the scarlet shade now. Choose this vibrant red crackle gel polish and you would want this on your nails all the time.

  • You will love the deep pigment on this gel polish that does not easily fade off.
  • Perfect for your UV LED for a much fast-drying polish.
  • The shade stays with you for up to 30 days.

What are you waiting for? Add this Crackle Polish to your collection today!

Product Details

Type: Sock-Off Gel Polish
Drying Time: 60s under a UV/LED 365nm+405nm Lamp
Volume: 15ML/0.5fl oz
Net Weight: 65g

An Animal Cruelty-Free, Odorless, and Environmentally Friendly Red Crackle Gel Polish that can be easily removed in less than 3 minutes and will never shrink


Personalize your beauty beholding an exquisite nail statement with this crackle gel polish collection. Create an amazing cracked effect on your client's nails by applying just a single layer of the lacquer, air dry it, and watch the splendor. It is suitable for all types of gel nail polish.

It allows you to use any base color you want, white gel nail polish, black gel nail polish, red gel nail polish, pink gel nail polish.

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