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Black Spider Gel

Black Spider Gel
Black Spider Gel
Black Spider Gel
Black Spider Gel
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Black Spider Gel
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Quantity: 0.5oz/14.17g
Color: Black

Dan's black spider gel has a huge elastic consistency perfect for create fine lines like a "spider web". Make it special and trendy, draw perfect lines.

Our Spider Gel has been designed to meet the needs of the nail tech and salons who demands a superior consisyency on their nail products. This cutting-edge technology delivers outstanding elasticity of the nail resulting in perfect lines.

Unmatched in quality and consistency resulting in significantly no-line brakings compared to market competitors.

  • Easy to apply
  • Last more than 4 weeks
  • Soak Off
  • UV/LED Gel
  • Cure Under a UV/LED Nail Lamp for 60s

How to Use our Spider Gel

  1. Use gel nail polish as a base and dry for 60-90s.
  2. Use a dab pen to take the right amount of spider gel for tracing lines
  3. Create your own designs and dry during 60-90s
  4. Use Dan's Nails Top Coats and dry for 60-90s.
  5. Result: Precious finish
  • Our 4 colors can meet a variety of creative needs! Dot to line, design your unique nail art.
  • High quality, non-toxic and harmless gel polish resin with low odor.


spider gel nail art designs

These are some of the nail designs created with Dan's Spider Gel

spider gel nail art designs

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