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Dan's Nails Clear PolyGel tube presented next to its glossy, transparent nail swatch, emphasizing its pure and clear gel consistency
Dan's Nails Polygel collection showcasing the Clear PolyGel alongside other colors, demonstrating the versatile options for gel nail extensions
An overview of Dan's Nails Gel System with the Clear PolyGel, including the bonder/primer, base coat, and gloss topcoat, for a complete flawless nails solution.
Essential information to read before purchasing Dan's Nails Clear PolyGel, detailing equipment requirements, post-curing sensations, and application tips.
Step-by-step instructional images for applying Dan's Nails Clear PolyGel, highlighting the application process for achieving a clear, professional-looking manicure.
Key features of Dan's Nails Clear PolyGel, including its strength, flexibility, ease of use, and low odor, along with visuals of the gel being applied and worn.
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Dan's Nails Clear PolyGel tube presented next to its glossy, transparent nail swatch, emphasizing its pure and clear gel consistency
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Embark on a clarity journey with Clear PolyGel at Dan's Nails Online Supply Store, where we elevate the art of nail aesthetics. Clear PolyGel, a jewel in the crown of our Essential Nudes Collection, epitomizes sleek transparency and modern chic, offering a pristine finish for your creative nail endeavors. This variant is for the minimalist who appreciates the sophistication of simplicity, ensuring their nails speak volumes in subtlety.


  • Volume: 60g/2.0 oz (per tube)
  • Durability: More than 28 Days of Wear
  • Resistance: Chip-Resistant
  • Contents: Single Tube of Clear PolyGel
  • Tools Needed: UV/LED Nail Dryer Lamp (PURCHASE SEPARATELY)


1 x Clear PolyGel for crystal-clear nail artistry.


  • Versatile Compatibility: Pairs flawlessly with a wide variety of gel polishes.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Composed of the finest, non-toxic, and environmentally conscious materials.
  • Seamless Efficiency: Merges the simplicity of gel with the grit of acrylics.
  • Enduring Perfection: Delivers an unblemished sheen that endures well beyond four weeks.
  • Ideal for Mastery: It is perfect for nail extensions or as a safeguarding layer, whether as a glossy coat or sculpting medium.


  1. Begin with meticulous cleansing and cuticle care.
  2. Apply Dan's Bond Primer for unparalleled bonding strength.
  3. Lay down a thin coating of Dan's Base Coat and cure under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  4. Fill the chosen dual form with Clear PolyGel, then craft with a brush soaked in a slip solution.
  5. Secure the dual form to the nail and cure for 2-3 minutes with UV/LED illumination.
  6. Post-cure, detach the form, and shape your nail extension as desired.
  7. Seal with Dan's Gel Topcoat (sold separately) for a high-gloss finish, and cure for 1-2 minutes.
  8. Admire the longevity and pristine appearance of your Clear PolyGel nails.

For assistance or to provide feedback on our Clear PolyGel or any other offerings, please contact us. If a lucid and glossy finish is what you seek, click "Add to cart" to secure Dan's PolyGel in Clear from our Essential Nudes Collection.


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